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The author has quit maintaining kban. I always appreciated your support for kban. You can still improve it and make it available in public because the source code is provided under GPL. For details, please read the text files contained in the archive.

What's kban

kban is a free PCB CAD program. Beginning to be developed under DOS in the end of 1994, currently a beta version of kban for Windows is available.

My goal on the development of kban is to make it capable enough to handle double-sided PCBs. By improving editing functions, I'm trying to achieve the goal.

Also, I am planning to make kban work along with other schematic editors or PCB CAD programs that are for free so that kban will be a part of an integrated development environment.

Here is a screen shot of kban (26,157 bytes).

What's new?

Metric System
Inch is to be treated as 2.54 mm. That is, metric system will be used in kban. It is going to be easy to place metric parts.
Easy Data Change
You can change any parameter of an item on PCB by clicking the object you want to change. It is possible to design faster by the new version than the old one.
More Compatibility
VESA BIOS will not be used any longer. You only need a computer on which Windows95 works comfortably. (Do not forget that a mouse is also necessary. Smile)
Easy Print
If you know old versions of kban, you had to run Windows to print any design of kban. New kban will enable direct printing.

Software Related to kban

This software fills a part of a PCB where there is no copper covered. Therefore, the software helps reduce the use of the chemical (FeCl2). If you modify your artwork after filling with the program, you could even make the filled pard be a GND pattern.
You cannot print a bitmap file with your printer's resolution if using Paint bundled in Windows95. However, this software enables you to do so.
This is like a Windows version of the famous free software, CE (Circuit Editor). Not only is data compatibility kept, but also the operation has improved. In addition to editing on a high-resolution screen, the software utilizes various characteristics of Windows.

Documents related to kban

kban - development plan
(in Japanese)
Includes information on already-requested functions and known problems. Maintained by Mr.Onaka. Thanks!
kban - reference manual
(in Japanese)
This is the kban reference manual. May be useful when printed.

Kazu Hirata <kazu@cs.umass.edu> (either in Japanese or in English)

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2001